We have no problem with you adding or removing requested options - simply do it here (https://2000.berlin-h3.eu/update-registration) or drop us an email (info@berlin-h3.eu). As we get closer to the event, changes to certain options will no longer be allowed – these closing dates will be posted on this site. Registrations are fully transferable until 30.08.2020.
The policies of the accommodation facility REQUIRE us to have this data available upon request. (Imagine you are checking into a hotel.) In the end, it will be our arse on the line for this requirement, not yours. Thus any obviously incomplete or invalid entries will result in your registration being voided. Additionally, inaccurate entries could significantly reduce the amount of beer time you have at check-in. Compliant registrants will be given priority handling.
It means that you are assured of a place at the Berlin H3 Run #2000 Weekend and that your payment for the event has been received.
The registration fee is going to be fully reimbursed till 30.08.2020. After this date you can only transfer your registration to another person. You can find a description to transfer your registration further down on this page.
It includes almost everything, i.e. accommodation, all drinks, food and runs.
In general, no. The way our process is set up, payments can take up to one week to get posted on the Registered list (https://2000.berlin-h3.eu/whoiscumming). If you still don't see confirmation after 2 weeks, drop us a line and we'll look into it.
Registration transfer is no problem, you must simply follow these constraints:
  • Transfer must be confirmed in writing by the seller
  • The buyer must submit a normal, complete registration
  • Mismanagement will not be involved in any way in the financial side of transfers
  • Individual options may be changed until the specified cutoff date for each option
  • Transfer of registration is FREE
Our registration process has been split up in an attempt to make both your and our details more secure. How does it work?
  • Fill out our registration form (https://2000.berlin-h3.eu/register) accurately and completely (incomplete or invalid submissions will not be processed)
  • Now it should point you to the payment details (https://2000.berlin-h3.eu/paymentdetails)
  • When your payment is received, your paid status will change to "Yes" on the Registered list and you are in. There will be no other confirmation of payment.
Note: any step of this process could take a couple of days, depending on if we're out tasting beer or not.
Under 18's are welcome BUT
  • will be under the responsibility of parents at all times (e.g. no going on runs/walks unaccompanied)
  • may have access to alcohol - parents to be responsible. We will not age card attendees
  • will not be offered any price reduction
  • under 5's can attend the event free provided they share bedroom with parent(s) - no special food, etc. will be provided