Reg ID Hash Handle/Name Hash Kennel/Home Paid
1Touched by BoobiesBerlin H3Yes
22nd Row HookerFrankfurt H3Yes
3PopoliciousBerlin H3Yes
4Ready 4the ShotStuttgart H3Yes
5HelloKittyFuckerStuttgart H3Yes
6Likk'mmB.I.T.CH H3Yes
7Full of SpunkBerlin H3No
8Late CommerÅrhus H3Yes
9Massive AttackÅrhus H3Yes
10Groin BiterDIVAHHHYes
11Please Step Away from the WhoresDC Road Whores H3Canceled
12Hanseatuc SlutFrankfurt H3Yes
13J.O.H.NStuttgart H3Yes
14SchogginatrixZurich H3Canceled
15Slippery digitZurich H3Canceled
16Full SteamEdinburgh H3Yes
17Weenie BikiniFrankfurt H3Yes
18NiceboyFrankfurt H3No
19GigoloDoha Nightcrawlers in German exileCanceled
20DominatrixDoha Nightcrawlers in German exileCanceled
21BeerkickerFrankfurt H3Canceled
22Weaky LeakyFrankfurt H3Canceled
23Hot ClimaxBerlin H3Yes
24Ponies in my buttBerlin H3Yes
25Shut up & Bend overMunich Full Moon H3Canceled
26Semen on the PewBerlin H3Yes
27Wet&ReadyZurich H3Yes
28Squatty PottyZurich H3Canceled
29RingpieceBerlin H3Yes
30Beaver PuntBerlin H3Canceled
31Top HalfBerlin H3Canceled
32Dutch Ditch BitchAddis Ababa H3Yes
33Silent PBerlin H3Yes
34CallgirlBerlin H3Yes
35Mango SuckerBerlin H3Yes
36Short Fat and BlackBerlin H3Yes
37OctoberfleshBerlin H3Yes
38SymphomaniacBerlin H3Yes
39Ich Been LaidenBerlin H3Yes
40F7Berlin H3Canceled
41F1Berlin H3Canceled
42Made 2 CumFrankfurt H3Yes
43Can't Be ArsedManchester H3Canceled
45Helmet ze KuntBerlin H3Yes
46Sloppy StoolPrague H3No
47Check my Hairy NipplesBerlin H3Yes
481 eyed Trouser SnakePattayaNo
49DongleBOGS of SomersetCanceled
50SoftwareBOGS of SomersetCanceled
51YarkBrussels Manneke Piss H3Canceled
52RumpleBrussels Manneke Piss H3Canceled
53ChorizoPodgorica Lunartic H³Yes
54High OctaneBerlin H3Canceled
55LemmiwanksBerlin H3Canceled
562mistakesAngeles City H3Yes
57ChillboxMunich H3Yes
58Witch DoctorWarsaw H3No
59PussupsBerlin H3No
60Mr. BeanBerlin H3Yes
61SperminatorBerlin H3Yes
62Ice HoleFrankfurt H3Yes
63Kiss me KIndlBerlin H3Yes
64Hand in HorseBerlin H3Yes
65Yoga PornDIVAHHHYes
66CoghHannover H3Yes
67SaintHannover H3Yes
68BASHannover H3Yes
69Colour of the EggsHannover H3Yes
70SalmonellaHannover H3Yes
71HorseHannover H3Yes
72Moule en RougeBrussels Manneke Piss H3Yes
73Just BirgitBraunschweigYes
74Just AndreaHannover H3Yes
75FlashmanHanoi / HannoverYes
76BambiOslo H3Yes
77Limp WristMarghalla H3 Islamabad / Berlin H3Yes
78Döner RabbitMarghalla H3 Islamabad / Berlin H3Yes
79Just SophieMarghalla H3 Islamabad / Berlin H3Yes
80Just MelanieMarghalla H3 Islamabad / Berlin H3Yes
81Wee WeeBerlin H3Yes
82Body of DesirePanama H3Yes
83JOHNNY ASchaffhausen H3Yes
84Rico RoofieBerlin H3Yes
85Top ShelfHouston H3Canceled
86Little StickHouston H3Canceled
88Little AdonisHannover H3Yes
89DumbleDickOH3 (Ottawa)Waiting List
90InappropriateHouston H3Canceled
91Old RockHannover H3Yes
92Krusty the Meat MiserBerlin H3Yes
93SnotEnoughHannover H3Yes
94CallBoyHash House Harriers North SealandYes
95Belches with WolvesZurich H3Yes
96BoobergebenBerlin H3Yes
97Duck Duck DickBerlin H3No
98Slippy noStockingsFrankfurt H3Yes
99Pasta In My PantsSacile Madness (Italy)No
100Vagina DestroyerBerlin H3Yes
101DeepnDirtyBerlin H3Yes
102LSDStuttgart H3Yes
103Punstar BarbieBerlin H3Yes
104SixtynanusBerlin H3No
105PissoutBerlin H3No
106KumaYudaNuremberg H3Waiting List
107Bull's eyeChina Hash House HerriersWaiting List
108Lone MoanerStuttgart H3Waiting List
109MaBoucheBrazil NutsWaiting List
110Buzz LightyearOslo H3Waiting List
111STUFRStuttgart H3Waiting List
112GoatStuttgart H3Waiting List
113EZ LayNuremberg H3Waiting List
114DumboSBH3/Hannover H3Waiting List
115Elephant-FuckerSBH3/Hannover H3Waiting List
116LoveballsSembach H3 and Frankfurt H3Waiting List
117LongoverdueBerlinWaiting List
118Papa SmurfBraunschweig Hash House HarriersWaiting List
119ButtsWannaCumFrankfurt H3Waiting List
120Cunnil-Won't-UsTraveling Whore H3Waiting List